Most of Maple Ridge isn’t close to major transportation routes, our supply of adjacent industrial areas is small and approaching build out. We do have an industrial area up 256 and a large industrial reserve (I voted for it) for the future. Promote this area as an Adventure Hub. There is limited potential for pocket industrial along Lougheed but it will be difficult to service east of 240. I think we should leave Thornhill alone, its too steep a price to develop and service, and focus on tourism, agriculture and recreational employment generators while expanding what you can do with home-based businesses.  

There is the potential for an office building as part of the Johnson Meier project on 224 but its not guaranteed unless we help it along. The digital economy needs a rich lifestyle for its creative employees because creative people are never into just one thing.

The cannabis industry is a huge local employment generator plus it’s not dependent on traditional industrial areas and we should give it a good look.  

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