Communities have a growth cycle just like humans and we are nearing the end of ours. We need to revisit our Official Community Plan and our Zoning Bylaw so they can be renewed and modernized. The focus needs to be on tightening our land use so that growth serves the community instead of the reverse. We need to look inward for growth where roads, transit, sewer, water and commercial services already exist.

We need to review our Community Amenity Contributions to ensure the money is used to help create needed housing as well as recreational assets. The use of Density Bonusing needs to also be reviewed and adjusted to ensure it isn’t used for developments like the mess at the north end of 240.

It would be a crime to allow development on Thorn Hill. It would be incredibly expensive and have a devastating effect on the aquifer that over 200 families depend on. It would be the definition of sprawl.  I would get rid of the Thorn Hill Urban Reserve.

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