The Arts

I believe a strong body also needs a strong mind which has benefits for the individual and our community, plus it can last a lifetime. During covid we all turned to the arts to entertain us and keep us from going bonkers.

We lean on the arts during bad times and lean into them during good times.

The ACT is a wonderful facility (I voted for it and was the council liaison to the Arts Council as it was being designed and constructed) but it doesn’t fulfil all our needs. We need smaller neighborhood-based facilities like the Albion Community Center (I also supported and voted for this facility while on council).

The movie industry has made a wonderful economic impact on our community and I would encourage more studios to locate here. This is the type of creative industry that leaves a long lasting, positive economic benefit that celebrates our community. Presently we have two Christmas movies being shot in Maple Ridge and we’re starting to get feature films coming to town. Its $5,000 per day in permit fees alone and they go out of their way to buy local goods and services. During covid they saved a number of local businesses.   

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